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Appel à communications: Women’s Histories: The Local and the Global

Appel à communications

The 22nd Conference of the
Women’s History Network
will be held at
Sheffield Hallam University
August 29 – September 1, 2013

Women’s Histories: The Local and the Global

In association with the International Federation for Research in Women’s History (IFRWH)

De l’annonce:

Call for papers: Deadline for abstracts 31 October 2012

This international conference will explore the history of women worldwide, from archaic to contemporary periods. Engaging with the recent global and transnational turns in historical scholarship, it will examine the ways in which histories of women can draw on and reshape these approaches to understanding the past. It will focus on developing gendered histories of globalisation that explore the complex interplay between the local and the global, and on exploring the relationship between nation-based traditions of women’s history writing and transnational approaches which examine connections and comparisons between women’s lives in different localities. Key questions to be addressed are:

How can womens histories reshape our understanding of the relationship between the local and the global?

What implications does a transnational framework of analysis have for nation-based traditions of writing womens history?

Keynote speakers will include: Mrinalini Sinha, Alice Freeman Palmer Professor of History, University of Michigan; Catherine Hall, Professor of Modern British Social and Cultural History, University College London.

Strand themes:

You are invited to submit proposals for individual papers or panels (3 papers plus commentator) relating to the following strands:

1. The impact of global change on womens lives in specific localities.

2. Relations between women in the context of global inequalities of power.

3. Womens local responses and resistances to imperialism and globalisation.

4. Women, migrations, diasporas.

5. Empires at home: women in imperial metropoles.

6. Women as local producers, traders and consumers in a globalising economy.

7. Womens life histories and personal relationships across geo-political divides.

8. Womens involvement in transnational networks.

9. National womens histories in comparative perspective.

10. Teaching womens history in a globalising world.

11. The place of the global in local, community and public histories of women.

Conference languages: English and French

Please submit your proposal online through the conference website

Samantha Jackson, Events Officer, Sheffield Hallam University Facilities Directorate, 20 Furnival Street, Sheffield S1 4QT
Phone: (44) 114 224 4526
Visit the website at

Katie Jarvis

Assistant Professor of History at the University of Notre Dame. Je suis maître de conférences en histoire à l'University of Notre Dame. Mes recherches portent sur des marchandes parisiennes qui s’appellent les Dames des Halles pendant la Révolution française. En les utilisant comme un prisme, je demande comment les révolutionnaires ont négocié la double croissance des aspirations démocratiques et le capitalisme à travers leur métier quotidien. J’examine la façon dont les Dames ont inventé une notion de citoyenneté naissante qui a eu le travail, plutôt que le sexe, comme la base. En même temps, j'analyse comment les révolutionnaires ont débattu le rôle politique des classes populaires par les marchandes en détail. La nation française - et une grande partie de l'Europe – s’accapareraient dans ces problèmes pour des décennies.

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